Saturday, May 9, 2009

Moose's Tooth, Ham & Eggs

Kevin Mahoney (Kevin's Blog) just flew out last night after successfully guiding Ham & Eggs on the Moose's Tooth. They were in the range for a total of 7 days.Kevin, Dori and Dale climbed some warm up peaks over the first couple of days and then got on the main objective, Ham 'n' eggs. Their first try they got stormed off, see video> (technical difficulties uploading the video), check back later.

On the second go at it Kevin and Dori climbed the route to the summit and descended back to camp in 12 hours round trip. Made a call to Talkeetna Air Taxi (TAT) with 4 rappels to go, for a 6:00 pick up and were back in town for burger and brew night at the West Rib Pub. Climbing in the Alaska Range can be pretty tame at times.

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Anonymous said...

you are all disturbed individuals!
climb on!