Monday, May 18, 2009

no news is good news

Melis, Greg, Pat and Elliot and their crews flew out this afternoon. They are all doing well and feeding on chips and salsa, juice, watermelon and beer. My camera is out of batteries or I'd get an after shot of them.

Pat saw Leighan and Dusty in 11K last night. They are getting ready to go to 14K. Either today or tomorrow. Postle is still at 14K and is planning on heading up as soon as the winds and weather allow.

I heard from Hugh on the 12 day Mountaineering course a bit ago. He was watching a lenticular cloud form over Denali.

Okonek Photo of a skier checking out the Moonflower Buttress.

AMS guide Nate Opp and his Buddy Kyle are on the moonflower Buttress of Mt. Hunter right now on a personal climb. Not sure where they are on route, but I heard from Lisa, the base camp manager, that they are on route as we speak.

No other word from anyone on the mountain. I will try to update you when I hear from folks. If you don't se anything on the blog, all that means is we haven't heard anything or haven't had a moment to update the blog.


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