Monday, May 4, 2009

Windy Corner and soooo much more.

Melis and the gang just carried to Windy Corner today. They are planning on moving up to 14K tomorrow. The move to 14K will be their hardest day so far. It usually takes between 7-9 hours. Today they climbed: motorcycle hill, squirrel hill, the polo field, and rounded the corner. Beyond where they cached cached they have about another hour -an hour and a half of relatively moderate terrain into 14K.

Besides being a bit sunburned they are really strong and doing GREAT! Sean said: Happy graduation to Leighan, Dave loves his family... Everybody loves everybody. They were all chatty and happy in the background. The weather has been great. For those of you who haven't checked out the link to the right that says "webcam", check it out, it is a live camera of current conditions in the range. Melis said she'll send more detailed messages soon.

Top photo is looking back on Windy Corner, second photo is Melis in the Torres Del Paine, Patagonia, Chile, and the bottom pic is a View of Foraker from town on a day similar to today.

Nate Opp and Sean Russell got back to town after an awesome trip. They climbed some good looking ice on the mini moonflower on Mount Hunter. And they climbed Francis via the S.W. Ridge.

Nate has about a week off and then he heads right back in to go climbing with THE Kirk Chapman. Kirk and Nate are most likely going in to climb peak 11,300 or Huntington or something along those lines.

later, r


Anonymous said...

Hai Marije!

Super stoer je op de foto te zien! Ziet er echt goed uit! Ik ben blij te lezen dat jullie het goed maken en vooral dat het weer zo goed is. Hoop dat het zo blijft!

Veel liefs vanuit het saaie Nederland ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hi you all!

It's great to read this blog and I'm happy to read that the weather is great and that you're a strong team (that's what I expected with Marije among you all). Good luck to you all! Wish I was there...

Greetings from flat Holland,