Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ping Pong Ball

This is a photo looking down the S.E. Fork of the Kahiltna toward the main kahiltna glacier. Cloud level is about 8,000 feet. This is probably pretty similar to the conditions Tim is traveling in now. White out above them, but not so bad where they are, but too much cloud for planes to fly in.

Ever wonder what it's like to be stuck inside of a ping pong ball? That is the best description I can give you so you can understand what is going on in the mountains right now.

It's still a white out all over the mountain as far as I know. I just talked to Leighan a few minutes ago,. She said she is glad they didn't head up to high camp! When ever you have nasty weather at 14K you can usually plan on it being much worse at high camp.

I believe this photo was sent out via a satellite phone connection from base camp from one of our climbers up on the mountain, it was from Mike Jane's group.

Mark Postle is still stuck at base camp and will be until the weather improves enough for the airtaxis. Keep your eye on the webcam link off to the right for a real time look at the weather.

I'm sure there are lots of climbers gathered up at Base Camp waiting to fly out as well as lots of climbers all over the mountain waiting for the weather to clear up a bit to travel down the mountain.

photo of some climbers taking a rest break on ski hill with 7,800 foot camp in the back ground.

Tim Hewette has left base camp headed toward the camp at the bottom of ski hill.

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