Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Mark Postle and Larry's group all made it in to Base Camp this morning. They were around here most of the morning doing some necessary classes before they would be able to travel on the glacier, like sled packing shown here.

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This is a google earth image from Mark's group. They are at 7,200 feet BC right now. This image comes from one of the climbers on the expedition. He has a SPOT, which is able to transmit location to a pre selected group of people. I'll keep you guys updated with their location when I get the updates.

No other updates yet, other than I heard our "F" team friends are doing really well



Lily Darney said...

The Darney girls are sending Daddy a big hug,
We love you ....

judycoady said...

Happy Birthday to Melis. Here's to a spectacular, really stellar climb! --Judems