Saturday, May 9, 2009


No cell reception at 11K, but here's an updated location from the SPOT:

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This is 11K camp. All is well, that's all i know.



Jules said...

What group is Cherie in? Hope she's doing well.

Jules (Melbourne, Australia)

chrisl said...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sat, May 9, 2009 at 10:26 PM
Subject: $3000 Challenge To Rainier Record Climber

Seattle Times,

Several of us have joined together to offer Chad Kellogg $3000 to (1) do a fully time-verified speed climb of Mt. Rainier this 2009 summer, and (2) to obtain a round-trip time under 5 hours 0 minutes. We will offer $1000 if he fails to obtain a time under 5 hours 0 minutes, but obtains a time under 5 hours 30 minutes. We would like to make the offer, also, through the Seattle Times, in addition to being proffered to Chad, in order to have a 3rd party handle the challenge and the offer.

The multi-controversies about Chad Kellogg are astounding and of international interest among many in the general mountaineering community, and of great interest among most in the speed climbing community. Some reports about the controversies including the 1998 Rainier summit register copy showing his hand written time-entry of 4:20 at the summit; later after finishing he told the media it was 3:24; he signed the summit register for the sole purpose of providing "verification" that he made it to the summit on the day of his speed climb.

Others have privately offered Chad up to $5000 each year since early 2004 to do a fully time-verified speed climb of Mt. Rainier, and he has not replied to any offers. Authors of the book Speed Climbing, Hans Florine, and Bill Wright, both distinguished alpine and rock speed climbers, were made aware of many of the 2004-2008 challenges and offers, and each fully supported the challenges and offers, as did the international speed climbing experts at Team Kilimanjaro +1 510 931 5895.

This $3000 offer exceeds, and often is double the amount, of most of the yearly grants offered by the American Alpine Club, some of which are featured here: http://www.americanalpineclub. org/allnews

This type of offer is unprecedented in mountaineering history.

Our challenge has some requirements, such as the following:

1- The timers used must be hired from a 3rd party guiding company. The timers must not be friends nor associates of the climber.

2- There must be a timer at the start and finish, and another timer at the summit (Columbia Crest). The timer's watches should be synchronized with an objective time resource (official time, etc). Each timer must, also, take time-date stamped digital photos of the climbers start, summit arrival, and finish. The timers must synchronize the clock of their digital cameras to the official time. The photos should clearly show the climbers's face, and clearly show the location of the photo (e.g., the land surface, and surrounding area, and background area, sufficient to clearly show the place the photo was taken).

3- The climber must announce the date of his climb in advance to the Seattle Times and the Rainier Ranger Department, and a representative of the Rainier Ranger Department 360-569-2211, such as Monica Magari (who took part in the timing of Lhakpa Gelu Sherpa's speed climb attempt in 2008) must be present at the climber's start and finish at Paradise, and to do his/her own timing of the climbers start and finish. We also request that a representative of the Tacoma News Tribune be present.

Financial offer:

1- The payment will be provided to the climber via his website's PayPal account, located here at the bottom html Or we could provide the payment to the climber through the Tacoma News Tribune.

2- The payment will be made in monthly installments of $300 (for the $3000 offer), and $100 (for the $1000 offer), over ten months until the full payment is completed.

If you have any questions please email or call.


Alaska Mountaineering School said...

Cherie is with Postle