Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summit for Someone, Postle and maybe Leighan et all

Brian Okonek photo of a slightly windy day at the top of the fixed lines. Wind plus minus temps equals frost bite.

Postle called from 14K. It has been pretty good at 14K. Not too Windy, a little gusty though, but the winds are quite a bit stronger up higher. The section between the top of the fixed lines (16.2K) to the high camp is the most technical and is one of the days that the weather NEEDS to be good, it doesn't have to be perfect, but it needs to be good. Not only is it windy, but it is cold too. Mark is making the right calls for sure up there. It is not worth risking frostbite just to make the move to high camp. They still have time and they are only getting stronger hanging out at 14K. He said his crew is hanging in there surprisingly well. It can be rather difficult waiting out these long storms and wind events, but his expedition is doing well. They are fine with waiting it out. That is a testament to each and every one of the climbers up there as well as to Mark and Larry.

Mark thinks they will be in camp for at least another day or two before they get a window to move up. Patience is a virtue, especially on Denali.

Mark talked to Leighan last night and she said they were hoping top move up to 14K today. Mark can see Windy Corner from camp and he is watching out for them. Mark didn't say this, but I would bet anyone he will have hot water for drinks as well as water for water bottles, soup and most likely will either cook for Leighan, Dusty, Steve and Gio tonight or let them use his kitchen since they are already established in camp. Mark already has at least one camp with walls for them when they roll in. Guides definitely help other guides up there.

Seth, Sammy and the Summit for Someone crew already climbed Mount Francis. Seth and Darren climbed the SW Ridge (left hand skyline and Sammy, Ed and Dave climbed the East Ridge (righthand skyline). The bottom two photos are from Seth guiding the SW Ridge of Francis last year.

The weatehr has turned a bit down there, so they aer doing some more crevasse rescue and glacier travel classes in and around camp. They have lots of ideas on what to do next. There is a ton of other objectives, they are just waiting to see what the weather does. I'll keep u posted when ever I know more.


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