Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday's updates

close up photo of a couple AMS camps at 17K last night.

Melis called in from 17K. She said they were going to sleep in a bit today. The photo I took last night was actually Elliot on the Summit, and Melis was a little bit behind them on the Ridge. They are going to pack up their camp sometime today. They are not in any real hurry though. Again, up there it is all about doing things during the heat of the day. They are for sure dehydrated after a long day up there yesterday. Melis and Greg are surely making tons of hot brews and melting lots of water for water bottles.
They are planning on heading down to 14K this afternoon, picking up their caches there and continuing on to 11K camp. Melis said they're talking about taking a nap at 11K for awhile, probably brewing up and eating some more food and then continue on toward base camp. They are planning on being in Base camp tomorrow (right on time). This is called the death march. This schedule of: high camp to base camp in a single push. It is pretty common practice actually. They will rest up at 14K and eat and rehydrate before they continue down. Lots of resting and eating and brewing up and napping when necessary.

Check out this Summit Video Colby took last season:

Kevin Mahoney and Dan Corn called in a few minutes ago. They are doing well. They're at 14K on the South face. They saw me flying over head last night, I was looking for them but I never saw them. They're inching there way up. They are climbing with skis since they are also hoping to ski their line. He said it was heavy [climbing with skis].

Greg and Suzy should be up on Huntington right now. Here's a few shots of the route they will be on.


fiona said...

Magnificent photos, unbelieveable photo of the summit with the crew on it. Great photography by you!
How is our aussie mate Cherie going on Postle's team? Any chance you can re-enact another photo on the summit with her on it!!! WOW

Alaska Mountaineering School said...

I was invited along on that summit flight, so i don't think that will happen again. I haven't heard from Postle since the other day, but last I heard everyone was doing fine.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS what an achievement Take care from your Family & All at Thornes

Ziba said...

Hi David
Heeeeeeeeeeeeelp. I think it is time for you to come back and rescue me!!
Seriously now, well done you are doing great.
Keep well, Ziba