Wednesday, May 20, 2009

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Here's a SPOT message from Leighan's crew. They are officially at 14K. They are super stoked. There timing is perfect I think. Extra days at 11K will only make them stronger, they will feel that much better at 14K. I haven't heard from them yet, but probably will at some point. I would imagine they have a cache to pick up somewhere, unless they were somehow able to single carry from 11K to 14K. Check out the video from the bottom of the fixed lines, looking down at 14 camp:

I just heard from Lhawang with the AMS Mountain Link Expedition. He said they are doing really well and the weather is holding. They are camped out at 9,600 feet. They will most likely move up to 11K tomorrow assuming the weather holds. They had a really good crew. One of their team members has been up on Denali two previous times. He said he loves it up there. He was also the one who went on the flight over the summit with me. He spent 5 days camped out on the 16 ridge in a storm one year, in an area that has become known as the hostage crisis center site :-). Not really.

Mike and the gang pre expedition.

I have not heard from Mike Janes the expedition that Mike Janes and Josh Hoeschen are leading with Ron, Mike, Mike, Albert and Geert. They will be referred to in future posts by one or both of the guides, most likely. Any of you checking in on them can go to:, for SPOT updates. I may have time to check there as well, but probably not. I did just look there for the first time and they are at the bottom of ski hill now. Here is a picture of Mike in his kitchen. I'm sure all of these guys are hanging out in a kitchen just like this one as i write this.

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I just got some good pics from AMS guide Nate Opp's recent send of the Moonlight Buttress of Mount Hunter that I will post soon.

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