Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who's at 14K?

Greg Collins said they have already received about 10 inches of new snow accumulation at 14K with wind guts up to 30 mph. It is still snowing at all elevations on the mountain right now.

Mike Janes's and Leighan's crews are doing well he said. They are all just hanging tight until the weather clears. Greg said that he, Dan and Rupert will try to head to 17K as soon as they get the chance and make a summit attempt from there as soon as they get decent weather.

Here's a photo of the Cassin. The route ascends the central ridge.

AMS guides Pat Ormond and Elliot Gaddy are already back at 14K after successfully climbing the Cassin Ridge on Denali. It seems like they just headed in there a couple days ago. Sounds like they spent just over 50 hours on route.

I'll try to get some photos from Pat and Elliot when they get back. in the mean time here's a few from Nate Opp's recent send of the Moonflower Buttress on Mt. Hunter.

The first photo is a distant shot of the Moonflower Buttress taken from Base Camp.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update at 14K! Great success to everyone... Here's to the weather clearing soon!

josh said...

Nice Nate!

Alaska Dreamer said...

To everyone at AMS......Thanks for doing such a great job on the Blog. I'm back on the east coast in Maine, longing to be back near the mountains in Alaska. I'm following the climbers from my easy chair.
Thanks for bringing me along.
Safe travels!
Mary Ellen

fliertom said...

Is Leighan's group at 14k or 17k?

Alaska Mountaineering School said...

Leighan's group is at 14K. They are planning on heading up as soon as the weather clears

Cinda Devine said...

Any word on Lhawang's group from Mountain Link. We are anxiously awaiting to hear how our husband/daddy Tom Devine is doing? We miss him a whole bunch and it is hard to read this blog and not get any updates. We miss you Daddy!
Living the dream in Chugiak!
Your Girls

Graham said...

trade ya some swag for that sweet picture of the 45L worksack...