Tuesday, June 2, 2009

11 to 14

Tork called just now. He and Hewette carried and cached at 13.5K today. They are both planning on moving to 14K tomorrow.

This video depicts a cache taking place AT windy corner. Tom made it sound like they made it around the corner, which means that the winds were at least tolerable. At times we cache at the corner and do not go around due to weather or for other reasons. The Corner can be blown clean of snow and difficult to properly burry a cache. In these cases you must burry as if you were on Aconcagua. We have to bury our caches so the Ravens do not get into our food.

Seth and Possum called in this evening as well. They have carried and deposited a bunch of supplies to the bergschrund on the way up to the West Face Couloir on Mt. Huntington.

They flew in yesterday and are hoping to send the route tomorrow. When Seth called in the weather was decent but cloudy.

I'm pretty sure that Bradford Washburn called Mt. Huntington the prettiest mountain in the Alaska Range.

That's all for now.


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