Monday, June 8, 2009

Glacier Trek, Melis + More

Christian March flew out this morning to take two people on a Glacier Trek to the Ruth Glacier. They plan to camp near (or at) the Mountain House tonight and do some ski touring today and tomorrow, mostly to enjoy the view! (photo: sunny day view of the knoll where the hut sits, the landing strip just below it, behind is Denali)

called from 13,500 feet at noon. They were caching there and headed back down to 11K to sleep. They plan to move up to 14-camp tomorrow, weather permitting. She said not to feel sorry for them because yesterday they ate pizza in their t-shirts!

She said that Kirby & the Wounded Warrior Team - Operation Denali is looking good and due to arrive at 14-camp in a couple of hours! Great! Right on schedule, maybe a half day ahead of schedule. They'll probably enjoy a big rest there, as clouds and wind are predicted again soon.

Melis also reported that the Kahiltna Dome/Denali Prep team was "playing around" at the bottom of Kahiltna Dome, getting some good experience there. She said they looked like they were having fun.

She said that she thought that Tom's group was planning to move up to 17-camp today. We heard that the fixed lines are still a very busy place with everyone moving after so many days of bad weather, so they may have to wait in line. From looking at the race-tracker, it looks like Mike Janes' group is at the top of the fixed lines waiting to go down.

More later, if anyone calls in.

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