Sunday, June 7, 2009


Here are a couple pictures from today. Taken by AMS guide Leighan Falley's Dad, Tom Falley.

Here is what he had to say:

"I flew by high camp today and saw a continuous line of people going up to 16,000 and a number of people heading across to Denali pass, including several just making the pass at about 11 AM."

"A snow plume was blowing off the summit, I am guessing about 30 knots up there. The first photo is of two climbers near Washburn's Thumb and the second is the upper mountain with the top of the rescue gully, high camp, the Audubon, Denali Pass, the Messner Couloir and the summit."

Cheers: Tom

Here's another photo Leighan's Dad took this morning as well as what he had to say:
"I counted 19 climbers making their way up the pass at about 11 AM this morning."


According to Albert's SPOT (Mike Janes) tracker, at 4:00 PM (maybe sooner) they sure appear to be on the summit and possibly already retracing their steps back toward high camp.

Seems like all those climbers up there have finally gotten a bit of a break.


check out this video that Pat Ormond took the other day when he and Elliot climbed the Cassin:

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