Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Doing the "Talkeetna Hang"

It's a "weather day" in Talkeetna. No flights to or from Base Camp so far today, and it's not looking likely for the next hour or so.

Vince and Pat are still waiting at Base Camp.
is still at 17-camp with wind gusts 35 to 45 mph. He said they are "playing cards" and staying sane. Phil is at 14-camp with lots of snow and wind.
Seth and the 12-day Mountaineering Course
are stuck on the Pika glacier, probably with snow and a little wind.
Rob, Forest, Jeremiah, Dean, Marcio, Rex, Yury and Ed are waiting in Talkeetna, looks like they'll be here for the night. Same with Colby, Josh, Nick and Nubo.

We'll have the final word from the air taxi in an hour or so. It's light all night, so flying late is feasible.
We'll have an update for you all in the morning!

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