Friday, June 19, 2009


Peter Anderson is planning on moving to high camp today. It has been dumping snow up at 14 lately. The weather has cleared a bit though.

Phil Ershler was getting ready to make his carry.

Melis and Joey's expedition is back in Talkeetna.

Operation Denali is in base camp and should be arriving in Talkeetna around 2:00 PM.

Due to all of the new snow Vince and Pat have shifted their sites to the West Buttress. They need pretty good conditions in order to climb the Upper Rib.

I'm gearing up for my Denali Expedition and helping all the other expeditions departing and returning so I haven't had as much time for all the photos and elaborating. Sorry.


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una said...

Congratulations Mark and everyone with Melis and Joey - an amazing journey! Una B x