Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ground School

Rob and Colby's teams are still doing the "Talkeetna Hang." They are making good use of their time on the ground when they can, trying not to think too much about being here and not on the Mountain. They've had some free time, reading, smoking cigars and relaxing. Marcio says he's "packed and unpacked 10 times". They all seem in good spirits. They are sticking close to Headquarters in case the air taxi calls. They jump every time the phone rings. Conditions in Talkeetna are suitable for flying (the sun keeps peeking out!), but Base Camp has a whiteout with snowfall. The runway will need to be packed before planes can land, once the visibility improves. I'm sure Base Camp Lisa has lots of eager helpers!

Yes, this means that Seth, Dusty, Dan, Birger, Adam, Henry, Vince & Pat are all still stuck in the Mountains. We'll make a new post if any of them make it out.

Rob's team is practicing setting up tents at the moment, this will help their efficiency on the Mountain considerably. They practiced their glacier travel techniques earlier, practicing good communication between team mates on the rope and belaying each other to a safe stopping place.

Jeremiah and Ed practice navigating the "3rd Street Glacier".
Yury practices belaying a teammate with a prussik.

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