Friday, June 5, 2009

High Camp

I talked to Lhawang with AMS MountainLink. He is still at 17. He said that no one has summitted since Greg Collins did the other day.

3 climbers on the 16 ridge. Photo taken from the edge of the world at high camp.

It sounded like the weather was a bit blustery up there. Certainly not a day to try for the summit.
I think the weather between 14K and high camp is fine though. Mike Janes moved up with the rest of his crew today. Mike and his team was met in camp by Lhawang and his crew. Lhawang's team helped with tent setup as well as offering water to the climbers. Especially if the weather was a bit marginal, it really helps to have some additional help rolling into high camp. The move to high camp is a tough one. I was tracking them a bit as they went and it seemed as though they were making very good time.

Lhawang and his crew are officially due to fly out tomorrow, but they are planning on hanging out up there for a bit longer and try to wait for some good weather. He was thinking they might get some better weather in 2 or 3 days.

later, rob

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