Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kahiltna Dome

Kremer called in just a bit ago from the summit of Kahiltna Dome. She said that there was not a lick of wind. She actually had her boots off airing her feet out. The Kahiltna Dome expedition is an awesome climb. It offers some of the best views of Denali. You can get virtually the same angle for photos of Denali as Bradford Washburn did from the plane.

Here's a view from the lower section of the North Ridge of the Dome, looking directly over at 11K camp on the buttress, the polo field and Windy Corner.

The next photo is a a view of the upper section of the N. Ridge of Kahiltna Dome.

The Kahiltna Dome climb uses the same first few camps as the West Buttress. It is a really good way to get ready for climbing Denali or as a climb of a lifetime in itself. Climbers on the Kahiltna Dome drag sleds, build camps, learn how to build walls, learn glacier travel and crevasse rescue skills. By the time they are done with this climb they will know: what they need to do to get ready for Denali, know how to adjust their training tactics and have the rest of the season and winter to get mentally prepared.

Kirsten said that Denali was looking very calm today as well. Aside from Kirsten Kremer, we haven't heard from anyone else today.


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