Thursday, June 25, 2009

Late Night Mountain Update

I just heard from Mike Hamill at the 14,200' camp! They made it to camp this evening and said they got 4 feet of snow at the 11,000' camp in 36 hours. The shoveled a lot. All on that team are doing well, and I sure they are happy they at 14,200'. - Fergal did get the message from his girls.

Mike reported that Phil Ershler from the IMG/AMS climb moved to high camp at 17,200' today as well. They were busy setting up camp and making a hot dinner. That first night at high camp is always a lot of hard work, but those folks have been waiting quite a while to get there so I imagine they are both tired and happy to be there.

Mike also said that he heard from Phil that Peter Anderson went for the top today and were on their way down to high camp tonight. I am sure Phil will be out there to greet them when they return to camp. We will let you know when we hear directly from Peter, which should be very soon. They are a very patient bunch!

Colby Coombs and Rob Gowler's teams are doing well and are ready to leave base camp in the cool of the early morning on Friday.

All of the teams really enjoyed the nice weather on the mountain today. It should be nice for a few days now, giving everyone a chance for movement up there!


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Dan and Jen Sampson said...

WAY TO GO PETERS GROUP! Glad you finally made it. Yahoo! Be safe on the way back. Can't wait to see you Steve. xoxo