Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Update + Earthquake in town

Just got a call from Phil. He said that he and his group made it back down to 14,200 feet after their carry before the weather socked in. They are going to hang out there at 14-camp until the weather improves. He said it is "unsuitable for moving". Visibility is limited by snow and wind. I could hear some wind in the background, but not the ferocious stuff we heard earlier this season.

Peter is at 17,200 feet, for the fourth day (says Phil). They plan to wait out the weather there. Both teams have many days built into their schedules to wait it out. This gives them time to acclimatize and enjoy some good meals.

Vince & Pat are dealing with limited visibility, so they stopped at 11,000 feet on their descent.

Haven't heard an update on Mike Hamill's location. Their schedule calls for rest at 11K today. We'll let you know.

Rob & Forest's team is here doing the Denali Skills Workshop. They got to enjoy a little Alaskan Earthquake. 11:28 am, 30 miles SW of Talkeetna, 5.3 preliminary magnitude. It was quite a ride inside the building!


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