Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mountain Movements

I talked to Melis this morning. Her group is taking one more day at 14K for acclimatization. As of yesterday Melis said that they were one day ahead of schedule so she wanted to spend one extra day at 14.

Kirby and Operation Denali should be at the top of the fixed lines about now. They are right on schedule for their move to high camp.

The lower mountain is socked in, but the upper mountain is really nice. Virtually no wind up there and just a few patchy clouds up high.

Haven't heard from anyone else. Melis did not know if Nate was heading for the summit when I talked to her.
The Upper photo shows
the Mesner Couloir (hourglass shaped) in the upper left portion of the photo. 14K camp in the middle left of the pic. and the West Rib starts in the far lower right corner of the picture and ends in the upper left section of the picture. The lower photo is just a cropped version of the one above it. In the lower right portion is about where Nate's group is camped and the route ends in the upper left.

No one has been able to fly in or out of base camp for a couple of days, but Seth Hobby made it into the Pika Glacier, AKA Little Switzerland for the 12 day Mountaineering Course last night.

Here an AMS climber sits on top of a route in Little Switzerland.


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