Sunday, June 7, 2009

Operation Denali at Windy Corner

Photo: A 2008 AMS team at the top of Squirrel Point en route to Windy Corner. The Operation Denali team climbed this route earlier today.

Kirby Senden just called in from Windy Corner. He said everyone was exceptionally strong on the Operation Denali team. They are making a carry and caching their extra warm gear, food and fuel for the upper mountain right now. They will retrieve this cache once they have established their camp at the 14, 200'.

They had a great rest day yesterday at 11,000' and plan to move to 14,200' tomorrow. I imagine that they are taking a break, eating a snack, drinking some water, and digging a big hole for their cache at Windy Corner as I type.

Kirby sounded really happy on the phone. When he phoned he said their was only a slight breeze at windy corner and it was a glorious day!


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