Friday, June 5, 2009

Operation Denali is climbing on!

11K with a particularly concerning lenticular cloud formed over the West Buttress. This would be one of those days that you really have to think twice before you decide to move or carry onward. (old photo). The 3 dots just above camp are 3 climbers heading up "Motorcycle Hill".

Kirby just phoned in from 10,000 feet, Denali Pass area. All of the team is strong and in great spirits. They are retrieving their cache from below. Kirby said that he had been planning on camping in the basin below Kahiltna Pass at around 9,700 feet, but the group was feeling super strong, so they continued on to camp at 11K.

Check out Operation Denali here.

They will most likely be doing a carry to the Windy Corner area tomorrow. I have a few messages to pass along from them:
-From Jon, Love to Michelle and Sam. Michelle, you were right, you're glad you're not here.
-From Bob, love to Pam and Cody.
-From Matt, Martha, I'm doing well, my leg is holding up, I'm having a great time. Aden, daddy misses you. I have to go on another airplane, I miss you both, love you both- Bubba.
-Dave says that he is doing great and staying strong.
And last but not least, Kirby says Hi to Kristy, Karsten and Korbin, Love Kirby.

Kirby sounded great on the phone and they are having a great expedition.

He also said that Melis and Joey are moving in to 11K today.

Climbers approaching Windy Corner. A little breeze blowing.

And that Nate "special" Opp's crew is doing a carry to the Corner today.


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