Thursday, June 18, 2009

Operation Denali on the move + Updates from 14

Melis arrived at 14 camp last night and will rest there until 8 pm tonight then will move down. Peter Anderson's team is there at 14 camp resting today. They report lots of fresh snow up there.

The Operation Denali Team departed from 14,200 feet this morning and has been making steady progress all morning. Matt N. & Matt M. are moving down with them. We expect them to report when they get down farther, when they are able to evaluate the condition of the Kahiltna Glacier. Melis confirmed that Kirby's team is planning to take 2 to 3 days to make their descent to Base Camp. They will stop somewhere between 11,200 - 9,700 feet to camp and rest the remainder of the day, then travel at night/early in the morning when the conditions are more suitable. They are going to see how it goes before they decide their pace for tomorrow or their next stopping place.

We're getting lots of calls from all of you Operation Denali fans out there - it's awesome they have your support! We will post news here as soon as we get it and try to give you all an estimate of their return to Talkeetna. So far we've not heard from them directly today, but their Spot Tracker is moving. You can watch it here. It's more fun if you click on "terrain" so you can see the contour lines.

It's sunny in Talkeetna! The forecast says Mostly Cloudy with scattered showers or t-storms.

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