Friday, June 12, 2009

Peter Anderson

A tent near the location Peter called in from early this morning. Notice the guylines on the tent and the nylon "parachutes". In the snow you cannot use regular tent stakes. So we burry these "chutes" in the snow and dig them up when we move camp. We always made our own parachutes, now they are available commercially.

Peter called in this morning before anyone was in the building. This time of year the expeditions on the mountain are traveling on a night schedule so they can take advantage of the colder temperatures and stronger crevasse bridges. All of the reports I have been hearing are from guides who have been able to travel without snow shoes due to freezing temps.

Peter's group was at about 10,000 feet on their way to camp at 11K. He said everyone his group was doing awesome and is traveling well. They are planning on resting tomorrow. It is nice and sunny where they were calling from, low clouds below, high cirrus clouds and a lenticular over Mt. Foraker. From where they are they are unable to see the upper slopes of Denali, so I'm not sure what the weather is like up there right now.

Vince and Patricia should be heading up the N.E Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier now heading toward the bottom of the West Rib. From the bottom of Ski Hill they have 4-5 miles toi get to the "Chicken Couloir" where the route starts.

Upper photo: climbers heading up the N.E. Fork. Lower photo: the "Chicken Couloir". Vince said there were some other climbers heading up the North East Fork at the same time to climb the Cassin.



Alaska Dreamer said...

Just love the blog updates! You folks are doing a great job at keeping a "Dreamer" on her toes!
Mary Ellen - Maine
(Worked at TAT the last two summers)

Dorothy said...

Hey Peter - can you relate a message to Steven Ranellone from Dot - " I am still not jealous yet!!!!!!" Love ya!