Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Phil at 14

Just got a quick call from Phil Ershler at 14,200 - "All good, have all our gear, will try to carry..." The signal dropped out, but I think he was about to say they'll try a carry tomorrow. They are right on schedule.

I just got the rest of Phil's call. Phil was about to say they will carry to 17K tomorrow, wx permitting. AND Peter Anderson's crew is planning on moving to 17K if they get the weather.

I have not heard from Melis and Kirby yet. I know Kirby is back in camp and I assume Melis is too. They will be starting their descent in some form tonight or tomorrow.


Seth Hobby called in from the pika glacier in a whiteout this evening. It's been relatively warm lately.


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Ed said...

I hope Johann did not have to go only 100m from the summit like on Kili. Tell him he is buying beer when he drags his sorry ass out of the snow. Great weather here in SoCal!