Saturday, June 20, 2009


Peter Anderson and the rest of his crew including the climber for cancer rested at high camp today. It was relatively calm at 17 but cloudy up above.

Vince and Pat went for it today and summitted in a whiteout. I got an email/text message from Vince's satellite phone a bit ago from the summit. Weather must be decent if he was able to take the time to text me. I know I have been up there on the summit when I was definitely not willing or able to take the time. So, despite the lack of views for Vince and Pat they are doing well. They were on their way back down to high camp at 4:30PM. They left 17 this morning at 10:00 AM, 6 hours to the summit is very good time.

Phil Ershler's group made a carry yesterday all the way to 17 camp. That hardly ever happens! His group is sitting pretty. They are poised for a nice lightweight move tomorrow, or when ever the weather lets them.


Dan and Jen Sampson said...

Yea, Peter Andersons group! Especially that guy that is climbing for cancer! Glad to hear good news xoxo

Jeane said...

Hey Steve Gasser! Sounds like you guys are doing an excellent job. Keep it up. Be safe:) Jeane