Friday, June 12, 2009

Special Opp

Greg Collins heading out for a ski.

Nate Opp called in from their camp on the Rib a bit ago. Their plan had been to go for the summit today if the weather was perfect and if it was anything but perfect, they would rest. He said that the wx. was not horrible, but that the winds are 10 to 20 mph and "pea soupy" so they are taking a rest day. Everything is going really well with his team and everyone is good and strong. Nate, Ben, George, Mike, Kim and Elizabetta all slept well last night. They are now waiting for the next good weather window to go for it. Nate said he could see AMS guides Greg Collins and Leighan Falley heading up toward their camp right now. He thought they were heading up to try to reach the summit in a one day push from 14K.


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