Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Okonek Photo.

Greg Collins called in just a bit ago from the Summit with Rupert and Dan. They were hoping to have enough energy to continue down to 14K tonight. They tagged the top in pretty good time and this group may just have the energy to get to 14K.

Greg said it was quite windy today. Tom Torkelson's crew and Tim Hewette's crew just rolled in to 14 a few hours ago. They both said that it was one of the nicest days to move to 14 they had ever had. But that it was actually pretty windy up above. Mike Janes was still in camp and it appears that they did an acclimatization hike today.

Some climbers rolling into the 14 camp.

Tork and Hewette both said his team members were all doing really well and that they are ALL stoked! Tork's gang is still really excited about the traverse and he and Tim are planning on back carrying to retrieve their items at or near the corner tomorrow and then front carrying to the 16 ridge the following day. They are definitely glad to be at 14. Lots of acclimating goes on there.

Gauging by their SPOT, it looks like Operation Denali is done with there carry to the top of Ski Hill. They are back in camp at the bottom of Ski Hill. 7,800 feet.

More soon.



Loretta said...

Yeah, I'm glad to hear that they were not hampered by the winds - GO Tork and Hewette's team - good luck Rick on the next 6,320 ft.
Luv u,

Anonymous said...

KEEP TRUCKIN Rick!!!! think spock :) I know I am with finals lol love you Papa
<3 ali