Sunday, June 14, 2009


Nate Opp's gang made it up to about 18,200 feet yesterday. Upper rib summit days are extremely long and hard. I talked to him last night when they had arrived back in camp. They were formulating a plan. I'm not sure what they are going to do next yet. They have some time to work with.

Kirby Senden and Operation Denali are taking a well deserved rest day at high camp. They had a long day yesterday. I talked to him this morning. He hadn't poked his head out the tent door yet but thought that the weather wasn't bad. I couldn't really hear the winds over the phone or anything.

UPDATE: Kirby called in at 3:30 pm AK time, they had only a little breeze at high camp and it was a "no gloves" day up there - sunny and warmish. If the weather is good, they plan to go for the summit tomorrow. They enjoyed the rest day today and are fueling up for tomorrow. The Operation Denali Team at high camp are all feeling great! - Caitlin

Vince and Pat are still waiting to launch on the complete Rib. I have been getting text messages from his Sat phone. They are in the middle of the pea soup I think and are hoping for some better weather and visibility before they commit.

Ershler should be carrying right now to and beyond the Corner. I haven't heard from Peter Anderson lately, but I heard from one of my sources on the mountain that Peter is moving to 14K today.


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Purcie said...

xoxo to Nate if you hear from him again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good weather for everyone!