Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The fixed lines on the way from 14K to the 16 Ridge. Notice the green bucket on the side of this climbers pack. That is the CMC, Clean Mountain Can. Be sure to ask whoever it is on here that you are checking in on how they liked the CMC?

I see from the SPOT on Mike Janes's expedition that they are moving up toward the fixed lines. The mountain wx. from town looks good. They Are on their way to high camp. This will take somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 hours. We haven't heard from anyone in person today but I assume that the teams are able to stick to their plans and are making forward progress. Keep an eye on Mike Janes's teams progress here: Mike Janes
this could also mean that the other AMS teams (McCullough/Passey, Lhawang) are also on a similar schedule as well.


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