Sunday, June 28, 2009


Mike Hamill just phoned in from 17,200' camp. He said they are doing well, they arrived into camp at 6:30pm and everyone is doing well. Well done guys!

This is what their views were like today on the ridge from 16,200' to 17,200' - this is my favorite part of the climb!

"Edge of the World" Rocks the at 17,200' camp.

Mike reported that Phil and Eben's team did go for the top today with the rest of the folks at high camp. Mike thought they left high camp at about 11 am. They are not back in camp yet, I will let you know when I hear more from them!

An older photo of the 17,200' camp, this photo was taken straight on so it looks really steep, but really it's not, trust me!

Rob and Forest's team moved to the 11,000' foot camp tonight. They plan to get up early and pick up their cache at 9,800' tomorrow then come back and make a big pancake breakfast with real maple syrup! YUM!

This is part of the journey on the upper Kahiltna heading towards the 11,000' camp.

I believe Colby and crew moved to 14,200' today but I have not heard from him directly today.

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