Monday, June 1, 2009

Upper West Rib

Nate Opp, Ben Kurdt, Kim, George, Elizabetta and Mike all made it in to Base Camp late last night to start the Upper West Rib of Denali Expedition. These guys will share the first several camps and the same itinerary as the West Buttress Expeditions, but when they get to 14K they will hang a right instead of a left and take a more technically difficult route up from there. When they get up there, I'll share some photos of those sections of the route.

It sounds like last night was quite blustery at 14K. All groups are still on hold at the moment. I have not heard from folks on the lower mountain yet. They could be pinned down from the wind and snow as well. I'll keep you posted when I hear from the guides. All is well up there, it's just too stormy to move up above 14.


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Alyson said...

Mike - your colleagues are cheering for you. Great to see you in your cool boots. Alyson