Monday, June 15, 2009


A guide standing in a cache hole at 13.5. Note the fuel in the bottom of the cache. In case it leaks it won't contaminate the food.

Peter Anderson and his crew, one of which is climbing for cancer. Rolled in to 14 a bit ago. When he called me, they had just finished setting up camp.

It is a white out at 14K. It is flyable into base camp right now, and when the clouds broke a little bit ago he said that it looked clear up above him. He couldn't see if there was any wind. "They" are not calling for wind and "they" have actually been fairly accurate this season.

Peter's team made the move from 11 to 14 in 5 hours. That is fast. Peter and Dan had a fair bit of supplies cached up at 14 so they were able to make the move very lightweight.

Phil Ershler's group was getting ready to make a carry to 13.5K when Peter was rolling out of camp this morning.



Dan and Jen Sampson said...

We are cheering for Nates group. We are glad to hear of good reports so far. GO STEVE! We love you. xoxo

Dorothy said...

Nicholas Tyler and Stevie are cheering for you (Steven Ranellone) they want you to call them from

Dan and Jen Sampson said...

Oops I mean we are cheering for Peters group! Glad to hear they made it in good time and safely at 14k. Good luck!

Jeane Hunter said...

Steve!!! So glad you haven't fallen off a cliff, or broken any precious bones yet. Bring your beautiful self back in one peice okay? Stay Strong:) Jeane