Friday, June 26, 2009

Yesterday's TIPPY TOP

Peter Anderson just phoned in from 17,200', high camp.

He reports:

Yesterday, Peter, Martin, and Steve who is Climbing for Cancer, climbed all the way up to 20,320'!!!! It took them 12 hours and 45 minutes round trip, that is a great time, especially considering they were breaking trail the whole way to the summit!

They have spent 6 nights at high camp, this is a very a respectable measure of their mental and physical stamina for high altitude expedition climbing. Well done guys, and way to hang in there! Sticking it out up there is harder than most people imagine, it requires a great deal of focus and patience on top of all the skill training, physical conditioning and snow climbing prior to the expedition. Plus you have got to have a super attitude and be a skilled card player in order to pass the time!

The team slept in a bit this morning and are planning to descend to 11,000' this afternoon and rest there for a few hours. They plan to travel on the Upper Kahiltna Glacier during the night/early morning and be in the SE Fork (base camp) to fly out first thing tomorrow morning (June 27).

We will have juice, coffee, watermelon and other tasty snacks ready for them when they arrive!

Phil Ershler and Eben Reckord's IMG/AMS Team are at high camp. It is windy up above them, so not a summit day today for them or anyone else at high camp. Phil and Eben's team are fortifying their camp and resting up for a good weather day in their near future.

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kym said...

This is great news! Thank you so much for the update. I am so glad to read this and know that they were finally able to make it to the top. Thank you Peter for taking Martin and Steve all the way! Now, hurry home Martin. Your girls and wife miss you so much. (Martin's wife, Kym, in Utah.)

Dan and Jen Sampson said...

Yea team! We are so excited that you made it to the top! Thanks to Peter for helping them accomplish the goal! We can't wait to hear the stories and see pictures. What a great adventure and thanks to this blog to track their journey. (Jen Sampson- Steves (favorite) sis:)