Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 1st

Mike Hamill, Greg Vernovage, Porter Draper, Leslie Herje, Fergal O'Donnell, Manev Luthra and Keith Bronstein are all back in Talkeetna. They are enjoying the slow pace of Talkeetna and eating watermelon in the shade. A great way to transition back to the "real" world and urban life. It's hot and sunny in Talkeetna!

We are hoping to get updates from Rob and Colby's teams later today. The weather looks good from here, so if the wind is cooperating they'll both be having good days to make a move.

More when we get updates...


Anonymous said...

Tell Fergal that his friends at T-Systems cheered him all the way.
Gerry Heintz

Anonymous said...

Fergal! Congrats ~ I am still a better pool player :) Good Job.