Saturday, July 25, 2009

Melis, Leighan, Larry, and their Mountaineering Course studentsv are still waiting for weather to improve for their pick up on the Eldridge Glacier. Melis called a couple times yesterday saying it was bluebird in the Eldridge. Unfortunately, it was snowing in between Talkeetna and the Eldridge and they couldn't get picked up. We were able to get AMS' intern Dusty into the Ruth Gorge yesterday where he is busy for the next few days painting the Don Sheldon Mountain House. The day is still young and the weather will likely change so we are hoping Melis' crew will get out. For the most up to date flying conditions I call Talkeetna Air Taxi at 907-733-2218. I hear planes flying already!
Colby Coombs

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