Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mountain Update

Rob, Forest, Jeremiah, Dean, Marcio, Rex, Yury and Ed are resting at the 14,200' camp today, July 4th. They will be eating and drinking as much as they can in anticipation for their move to 17,200', high camp, possilbly tomorrow. I am sure they are celebrating the 4th of July with style today.
AMS guide, Christian March setting up stoves a snow kitchen on Denali. The team has a kitchen very similar to this one and is spending a fair bit of time in there today!

This is an AMS camp at the 14,200' camp, Rob's team has the same tents and in the right foreground one can see the corner of the kitchen tent. Mt. Foraker at 17,400' dominats the view, fabulous.

Photo: Tom Torkelson

Yesterday, July 3rd,
the team make a carry of their extra food, fuel, and gear up the fixed lines on the head wall between 14,200 and 16,200 feet. This is a hard working, big, fun day!

Climbers nearing the base of the fixed lines you can just see the 14,200'-camp below them. Photo taken on AMS' May 2009 Denali Expedition.

AMS team, at the base of the fixed lines, 15,500'.

AMS climber at the top of the fixed lines, 16,200'. Look at Mt. Foraker in the background compared to the view of it from the 14,200' camp. They are getting up pretty high now, very exciting indeed.

AMS team, organizing items and readying the shovels for their cache at 16,200' before heading back down the fixed lines.

All above Photos: Tom Torkelson, AMS Guide

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Erika said...

Thanks for the post update and pictures. We got a call from Jeremiah and got to talk to him for about 30 seconds :) baby Shannon tried to talk to him but got cut off. Exciting to see them moving higher!

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