Monday, July 6, 2009

Resting at 17,200'

Rob called in this morning. The team is "sitting in a little storm" at high camp. The wind is blowing slightly and they are in a cloud, so the visibility is low. Not to worry, that is rather standard procedure for high camp and they are warm and relaxed in their tents.

I was once at high camp with wind gusts of 65 mph, we had great walls which helped to make it very warm in our tents, it felt like we need to have a nap. We would get all bundled up in our huge expedition parkas and over pants to go outside and walk around for fresh air, wall building, views, and to measure the wind speed. It was a fun time and I was never cold. They are all well and I am sure they are appreciating the rest today.

They have plenty of food and fuel and gear up there. Rob expects they will be able to "go for it" tomorrow.

Here's hoping for fabulous weather!
NPS Photo showing the camps on the West Buttress.

The 17,200' High Camp is on the left level glaciated area on the photo.

Have a great day!

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