Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summit Report

Colby Coombs called from 17,200 feet just a few minutes ago. He, Josh Hoeshen and Nubo Huang were on the summit last night at 8 pm, 20,320 feet above sea level on a beautiful, clear night.

It was a very long summit day and they have been resting all morning, which is normal for all teams. They will move down to 14,200 feet later today, then repack and wait for conditions to descend. Once they have had some rest they will determine how fast they want to move down. The earliest they would be back to Talkeetna would be sometime on Friday or Saturday morning. They are enjoying perfect weather, it is "splitter" up there, as Rob would say.

Rob, Forest, Jeremiah, Dean, Marcio, Rex, Yury and Ed back carried today to pick up their items at the Windy Corner area. Please excues our previous (now deleted) post that they were carrying to 16,200' today, they should be doing that in the next few days!

I just spoke with one of the NPS Mountaineering Rangers who said it is very quiet in the mountains, with not many people up there right now. Those few that are up there are enjoying the beautiful day!

We're getting projects done here at Headquarters, getting ready for the Mountaineering Courses coming up July 13, August 3, August 10, September 7 and September 14.
The sun is out, it will be a good day for a swim!

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