Sunday, July 5, 2009

Team at 17,200'

Rob, Forest, Jeremiah, Dean, Marcio, Rex, Yury and Ed moved to high camp today and are settled into their camp and having dinner now. They had a long day and are happy to be there. They will most likely rest at the 17,200' camp tomorrow. If the weather holds I think they will try for the top on July 7th.

If they do indeed sleep in and rest up tomorrow July 6th., activities at high camp include eating as much as one can, reading, playing cards, and walking around to various 'secret' spots and overlooks. Once when I was up there, I walked around to a big ice sheet north of camp. I found some old canvas tents patially incased in the snow, it seemed like it could have been from the early 1950's. There is lots to see and do if one can get out and about.

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