Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Update from 14,000 feet

Rob just called to say that he just rolled in to 14-camp with Forest, Jeremiah, Dean, Marcio, Rex, Yury and Ed. He said every one is doing well and they plan to back-carry tomorrow, then make a carry up the following day. He said it was a very warm day. Nick had snow melted and ready for them, I'll bet they were ready for Tang or lemonade.
Rex sends a shout out to his people - he saw the jet overhead as they were rounding Windy Corner, and figured it was inbound to Fairbanks...
Rob will pass greetings to Jeremiah from his girls...

Nick is keeping the home fires burning at the 14,200' camp. The weather is beautiful, almost too warm, and "not a breath of wind" up high. Rob says it "looks perfect up there".

We're expecting a little rain here, thunder is rolling in closer and the eastern sky is dark. Rob could see the thunderheads below them. We've been getting afternoon thundershowers on these hot days. The Mountain Forecast is looking good.

Caitlin will likely make a post later tonight after Colby checks in.

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