Thursday, July 2, 2009

Word from 14 camp

Rob Gowler called with messages from the West Buttress team!

From Rex - "To Family & Friends, doing well, missing you all."
From Jeremiah - "To Family & Friends, doing well, missing you all."
From Dean - "Mom & Dad, thanks for the birthday card, all is well, loving life. Sherry & Tina, I miss you, looking forward to seeing you on the 31st. 7 mile bridge is required. Marcos, 'Weather is here, Wish you were beautiful.'" (I've heard eyewitnesses say Dean's been kicked back, enjoying a puff of cigar at each camp.)
From Marcio - "Hi everybody in Brazil! Hope all is well. Feeling well. Special kiss to Alexandra, I love you, Marcio."
From Forest - "Hello to all Family & Friends, all good here!"
From Ed, Yury & everyone - "Enjoying the -20F in July!"

The phone cut out before we could finish, so I'll send all your messages and blog comments if he calls back later. I think I was able to get a quick hello in to Dean from Andrea, and I was just about to give Rob the message for Marcio about the Brazil Cup results!

Early this morning the team finished their back carry to retrive their cached items at Windy Corner. They're resting and eating at the 14,200 foot camp now. Today they are going to review some the procedures of traveling with fixed line protection, which they will use in the next several days as they travel up the "headwall" to the 16,200' ridge.

~J and Caitlin


Erika Gordon said...

Thanks for passing along messages! Sounds like the weather has been amazing lately! Erika

mumumu said...

Nubo Huang were on the summit last night at 8 pm, 20,320 feet above sea level on a beautiful, clear night.
Congratulate Mr.Nubo Huang & his team and hope they all have great sleep and a safe return !!

Enjoy the amazing weather and beautiful scenery up there !!!


Sherry said...

Dean, I cannot wait to see you too, save some energy for the 7 mile bridge :-) I see your enjoying those cigars I drove to pick up for you... lol
Love you lots and stay safe!

Love Sherry

Sherry said...

Whoop, I forgot Tina said "Hurry home so she can go rock climbing wiht you :-)"
Love you,Little miss Tina

sohappy said...

Rex Gray - We are thinking of you. Go, Rex, Go!
Your buddies; Tom, Faith, and Charlie. July 3rd

Andrea said...

Thanks for passing on my hellos. I am grateful for the updates and envious of their experiences. I am also surprised the eye witnesses haven't caught Dean sipping bourbon up there too.