Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pictures from July 12-day Mountaineering Course

Check out these photos from the July 13-24 Mountaineering Course! AMS Instructor/Guide Leighan Falley celebrated her 29th birthday by "running the gauntlet" and being rewarded by cranberry chocolate chip pancakes with strawberry jam! It took three spatulas to flip each pancake, created by master chef Torin!

They held "olympics" with crevasse rescue relays! They held sled races (gladiator style) and did all sorts of fun stuff!

Enjoy these photos, thanks to the participants and Julia Corey Burns who sorted through them all.

~Julia (March Crocetto)


Alaska Dreamer said...

You folks always seem to have a great time!
Thanks for sharing!
Mary Ellen
(previous TAT employee)

Anonymous said...

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