Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rain is clearing for Roland

Deb, Liz & Roland must be enjoying a beautiful morning up on Kesugi Ridge! The clouds are lifting and they should be getting fantastic views of the Alaska Range. It's probably chilly, a good morning for a hot breakfast and a great hike along the ridgeline. They planned on visiting Curry Ridge as well as Kesugi, using Ermine Lake as their base camp. I bet the blueberries are outrageous! They are close to Broad Pass, the low point in the Alaska Range where the highway and railroad traverse the range with ease. Broad Pass is famous as a fantastic blueberry-picking spot!

The above photo is from the North Side Web Cam, it's part of the NPS Air Quality Monitoring program. This is a long way from where Roland, Deb & Liz are, but it gives us an idea of what kind of weather they are having. The view is from the Wonder Lake Ranger Station, looking at the North Face of Denali (Wickersham Wall), with the McKinley Bar (River) in the distant foreground. There is a bit of the Park Road visible, winding by the ranger station. Here is the link to the webcam:
Here is the view from the TAT webcam here in Talkeetna.


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