Monday, September 14, 2009

Word from two courses!

The 6-day Mountaineering Course packed today and flew to the Coffee Glacier in the Alaska Range. Pictured left to right: Emily & Casey (newlyweds!), instructors Matt Montavon and Larry Holmgren, & Matt B. What a beautiful day! They enjoyed the sun while packing and practicing fixed line ascension. Tomorrow they will work on the basics of knots, roping up, then placing anchors and going for a glacier walk. The next day they'll focus on ascending out of a crevasse and probably practice some scenarios. Tonight they'll focus on building camp and eating dinner!

Melis called in from the Eldridge Glacier with the 12-day Mountaineering Course to report great weather, a foot of new snow and that they are having a great time! They moved camp today, down glacier and plan to do some climbing tomorrow. The next day they will will move camp again then start on some more advanced skills and rescue scenarios. Hello to everyone from Melis, Joey, Dusty, Mark, Tamara, Garett, John, Stephen, Alex and Michael!