Thursday, October 8, 2009

Denali Prep Courses

The hot topic lately here is how to prepare for a Denali climb. Of course, this is different for everyone. It depends whether you are starting out as a couch potato or a marathon runner.
If you're beyond couch potato, have been getting out there backpacking, maybe trying a little rock climbing, and want to "kick it up a notch", a Mountaineering Course is a great way to go. If you have your sights set on Denali in particular, a Denali Prep Course is highly recommended. Meanwhile, get out there and start hiking, biking, climbing, bagging some 14-ers and snow camping every chance you get.

Our Denali Prep Mountaineering Course, also called Kahiltna Dome Expedition, is an ideal way to prepare! Some of the advantages to our Denali Prep Course include the fact that you'll be experiencing the Alaska Range firsthand. You fly in to Base Camp and follow the West Buttress route for about a third of the route. What better way to prepare? Along the way, you practice all the skills needed for the entire West Buttress route: glacier travel & crevasse rescue, camp building and fortifying, fixed line ascension, etc, and you'll travel expedition style (moving camp) pulling sleds with gear. The course is set up to teach you to be self-sufficient for an expedition, not just to rely on guides for your future climbs. This course would also be great training for other big, cold, glaciated mountains.
Here is the link to more info:

Kahiltna Dome Expedition/Denali Prep Course, 2010 Availability:
June 3-12: 8 spaces
Custom Dates Available

Denali, West Buttress, 2010 Availability:
April 27-May 17: 5 spaces
May 3- 23: 5 spaces
May 10-30: 1 space
May 17-June 6: 1 space
May 24-June 13: 6 spaces
May 31-June 20: 5 spaces
June 7-June 27: 4 spaces
June 14-July 4: 5 spaces
June 21-July 11: 4 spaces
Custom Dates Filling Fast!

Denali, Upper West Rib, 2010 Availability:
May 29-June 18: 4 spaces
June 5-June 25: 4 spaces
Custom Dates Available

We are processing registrations for all of our 2010 programs, so drop us a line if you're curious about enrollment:


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