Friday, November 6, 2009

Clear Day in Talkeetna

Greetings Blog Fans,

It was clear and dry in Talkeetna today. The Post Office gossip seems to be focused on the lack of snow for this time of year. But excellent ice skating on the frozen ponds! I'm going to wait until the lakes are good-and-frozen before I venture out. It was up to nearly 40 F yesterday and today. I was talking to Dave Johnston who is glad it's not snowing yet, as they are still working on the roof of their sauna. Dave is usually one of the first ones to strap on his skis each year! (Yes, this is the Dave Johnston.) He's been skating on the ponds in his neighborhood, noting that it had been down to -4 a couple of nights and "probably frozen through". I noticed that they've been starting to get the hockey rink iced up for practice, that's more my speed.

It has been a busy week here in the AMS office. Lots of enrollments in progress for the West Buttress! Here is the official standing as of today - there are a few applications pending so this will very likely change first thing on Monday.

Denali, West Buttress, 2010 Availability:
April 27-May 17: 5 spaces
May 3- 23: 4 spaces
May 10-30: FULL
May 17-June 6: FULL
May 24-June 13: 2 spaces
May 31-June 20: 3 spaces*
June 7-June 27: 2 spaces
June 14-July 4: 1 space
June 21-July 11: 1 space
Custom Dates Filling Fast!
All Dates Filling Fast!
*Special small group, 4 climbers, 2 guides,$6900 per person

Have a great weekend!

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