Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Little Snow & A Little Cold

We have nearly 2" of snow on the ground here in T-town, and the temp was 3 degrees when I came to work this morning. It was a beautiful, sunny day! There is a winter storm warning in effect for tomorrow, cold and lots of snow, especially north of here. Nearly everyone here feels we are overdue for snow.

Here is the update from the AMS Office:

Denali, West Buttress, 2010 Availability:
April 27-May 17: 5 spaces
May 3- 23: 3 spaces
May 10-30: FULL
May 17-June 6: FULL
May 24-June 13: 1 space
May 31-June 20: 2 spaces*
June 7-June 27: 1 space
June 14-July 4: 1 space
June 21-July 11: 1 space
Custom Dates Filling Fast!
All Dates Filling Fast!
*Special small group, 4 climbers, 2 guides,$6900 per person

We still have space on Mountaineering Courses, including Denali Prep/Kahiltna Dome Expeditions, as well as Wilderness Treks and Hikes.

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