Friday, January 15, 2010

Snow Falling In Talkeetna

We have low visibility and about 3" of fresh snow on the ground here in Talkeetna. Temps are very pleasant at 20 degrees above zero. Groomers have been keeping the local cross-country ski trails in great shape. A couple of people who are signed up for a Mountaineering Course made a road trip from Fairbanks to visit and check out the AMS facilities. Thanks for stopping by Dusty & Nick!

It seems quiet in town, but the climbing community has some activity with the first climbers of the year. Japanese photographer Norio Matsumoto is up in the range on his annual expedition for solitude and photography. Today an Italian climber is around town, preparing for a solo winter attempt on Denali; apparently delayed by the weather and enjoying the "Talkeetna Hang".

These are the kind of moments Norio waits for:

Here is what's happening at AMS Headquarters. There have been shifts on the waitlists for the West Buttress, please check in with us on a regular basis to see how things look if you are waiting for a spot to open up. We do occasionally receive unexpected cancellations.

2010 Denali, West Buttress Expedition Availability:
April 27- May 17: 2 places Available
May 3- 23: FULL
May 10-30: FULL (waitlist)
May 17-June 6: FULL (waitlist)
May 24-June 13: FULL (waitlist)
May 31-June 20: FULL (waitlist)
June 2 -June 22: 4 places Available
June 7-June 27: FULL (waitlist)
June 14-July 4: FULL (waitlist)
June 21-July 11: FULL (waitlist)

Denali, West Rib, 2010 Availability:
May 29-June 18: 3 spaces. Contact AMS for details!
Custom Dates Available

Denali, Upper West Rib, 2010 Availability:
June 5-June 25: 4 spaces
Custom Dates Available

Kahiltna Dome Expedition/Denali Prep Course, 2010 Availability:
June 3-12: 6 spaces
Custom Dates Available

Wilderness First Responder Course, 2010
March 6-14: 8 spaces available

WFR Re-certifications, 2010
March 20-22: 9 spaces available
March 27-29: 11 spaces available

Glacier Travel & Crevasse Rescue Workshops, 2010
April 10-11: 5 spaces available
There are also sessions in July and August.

Alaska Range Mountaineering Courses, 6 days, 2010 Availability
April 16-21: 8 spaces
May 7-12: 8 spaces
June 4-9: 8 spaces
The sessions in July, August & September have availability.

Alaska Range Mountaineering Courses, 12 days, 2010 Availability
April 18-29: 6 spaces
May 14-25: 7 spaces
June 11-22: 7 spaces
The sessions in July, August & September have availability.

Things change quickly! Applications show up every day. If you are uncertain of your schedule but you are interested in participating, stay in touch with us: or 907-733-1016. Leave us a message if we don't answer, we'll be back in the office on Monday.


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